Thermal Analysis Software

We offer a range of beginner and advanced thermal software packages that are designed to allow further thermal analysis. At we stock software programs including Flir Reporter, Quick Report and Build IR that allow thermographers to organise and evaluate radiometric images from their infrared cameras and produce professional & compelling thermal inspection reports.


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FLIR mobileIR app
FLIR mobileIR appFLIR IR Viewer - is an free iPhone/iPad app for analyzing, managing, and distributing infrared images

FLIR Reporter 9 Software
FLIR Reporter 9 SoftwarePowerful thermal trending and analysis software for creating compelling and professional thermal inspection reports, ideal for thorough predictive maintenance applications. Advanced features allow graph plotting, auto report generation, temperature analysis & image editing.
FLIR QuickPlot 1.2 Software
FLIR QuickPlot 1.2 SoftwareIdeal thermal software package for R&D infrared camera users, allowing them to visualise thermal patterns and creat time-temperature plots for in depth investigation. FLIR Quick Plot enables the benefits of using a thermal camera to be extended to allow more in depth analyses to be made.