Thermal Test Equipment


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Extech BR50 Video Borescope
Extech BR50 Video BorescopeThe Extech BR50 Video Borescope was designed for use as a remote inspection device with 17mm camera diameter and 2.4" Color TFT LCD Monitor.
Extech EX845 AC/DC Clamp Meter with MeterLink
Extech EX845 AC/DC Clamp Meter with MeterLinkMeasure current and voltage on components during a thermal inspection and then wirelessly transmit the results to a FLIR thermal camera using MeterLink technology.
Extech MO297 Moisture Meter with MeterLink
Extech MO297 Moisture Meter with MeterLinkNon-invasive moisture and humidity detection within buildings, use MeterLink to transfer results to a FLIR infrared camera and add them to thermal images during building inspections.
Extech HDV640 HD Video Boroscope
Extech HDV640 HD Video BoroscopeThe Extech HDV640 High Definition Articulating VideoScope can be used to peer into tight spots, record and playback real-time video and images.