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We stock a range of entry-level Thermal Imaging Cameras that are incredibly easy to use and require no former experience of thermography or thermal camera use. These basic Infrared Cameras are among the cheapest & most affordable on the market and are ideal for beginners looking for a straightforward IR camera offering simple operation and high quality thermal images. Using the simple process of "point-shoot-detect", these budget thermal inspection cameras are capable of providing precision thermal images full of the temperature information required during infrared inspections of buildings and predictive maintenance programs within the industrial sector.


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FLIR E5Easy to use thermal camera that provides users with the ability to scan large areas and quickly locate faults and potential problem areas. This kit includes a FREE Thermal Accessory package worth over £100.00. The E5 is equipped with advanced features normally associated with more expensive models.

FLIR E6Ideal for inspecting electrical and HVAC systems, the E6 provides high performance thermal imaging at an affordable price. Simple operation and clear results make it the perfect choice for entry-level users while features including MSX imaging and picture-in-picture will suit more advanced users.

FLIR E8Providing superb image quality and high thermal accuracy, the FLIR E8 is a powerful thermal inspection toll that can be used in a range of applications including building surveys. Packed with advanced features, including MSX imaging, picture-in-picture and hold & cold spot recognition.

FLIR C3 Compact Thermal Camera
FLIR C3 Compact Thermal CameraWith a measurement range of -10˚C to 150˚C via the 80 x 60 pixel sensor, the FLIR C3 is accurate to ±2˚C or 2% with a thermal sensitivity of 100mK. It is compact, light and boasts a vibrant 3” colour touch screen.

Armasight by FLIR Prometheus 336 (30Hz)
Armasight by FLIR Prometheus 336 (30Hz)The FLIR Prometheus 336 Outdoor Thermal Camera is a compact and powerful camera designed to show the user heat patterns from humans, animals and motors when visibility is poor e.g. in foggy, snowy or night-time conditions.

Armasight by FLIR Prometheus 336 (60Hz)
Armasight by FLIR Prometheus 336 (60Hz)The FLIR Prometheus 336 provides clear thermal images from its 336 x 256 pixel thermal sensor on a vibrant, high-resolution digital display contained with the imager's eyepiece. Ideal for outdoor use in hunting, agriculture and security.

Armasight by FLIR Prometheus C 336 (30Hz)
Armasight by FLIR Prometheus C 336 (30Hz)The Armasight by FLIR Prometheus C 336 Outdoor Thermal Camera is a rugged, portable thermal imager designed to enhance the user's vision in poor visibility. The 336 x 256 pixel thermal sensor detects heat patterns from animals, humans and motors and the camera has both optical and digital zoom.

Armasight by FLIR Prometheus C 336 (60Hz)
Armasight by FLIR Prometheus C 336 (60Hz)The Armasight by FLIR Prometheus C 336 Outdoor Thermal Camera enables the user to see the heat patterns emitted from humans, animals and motors when out and about. It is therefore suitable for applications in farming, hunting and security.

Martindale IRC325
Martindale IRC325The Martindale IRC325 Spot Thermal Camera is a useful thermal imager that highlights hot and cold spots in electrical circuits, structures and plant. The large temperature range and high accuracy level belie the camera's affordable price.

FLIR TG165Combined Thermal Imaging Camera and Spot Thermometer, allowing you to see heat issues instantly on its 2" LCD display. Lightweight, small and portable.

Martindale IRC327
Martindale IRC327The Martindale IRC327 Spot Thermal Camera is an entry level thermal camera that nevertheless has a large measurement range (-30˚C to 650˚C), good accuracy, and a thermal resolution of 128 x 128 pixels.

FLIR Scout TKThe FLIR Scout TK Wildlife Thermal Camera is a user-friendly, compact and lightweight camera which is ideal for outdoor applications as it allows heat detection from up to 90m via a 160 x 120 pixel thermal sensor.

FLIR E4Entry-level thermal imaging camera that provides an accurate thermal overview of the desired subject. Complete with advanced image analysis features.

Testo 865
Testo 865A user-friendly camera which boasts extremely powerful thermal imaging compared to other cameras in its price bracket. Point-and-click simplicity is backed up bya 120 x 160 pixel thermal sensor and measurement range of -20˚C to 280˚C.

Chauvin Arnoux 1950 Diacam2 Thermal Camera
Chauvin Arnoux 1950 Diacam2 Thermal CameraThis sturdy thermal camera has fixed focus and an 80 x 80 pixel thermals sensor which produces a consistent, clear image on its 2.5" colour screen. The user has a choice of palettes and a digital camera is integrated to take parallel visible-light pictures. Another plus is the 13-hour battery life.
FLIR Scout III 240
FLIR Scout III 240The FLIR Scout III 240 Wildlife Thermal Camera allows user to see heat patterns from animals, motors and human beings via enhanced, monocular day and night vision with 350m range. Its straightforward operation and weatherproof design are ideal for outdoor use.

Testo 868
Testo 868The Testo 868 has wireless connectivity which allows remote communication with a smart device which has the Testo Thermography App installed. This allows the user to instantly make copies of thermal images and video taken via the 160 x 120 pixel thermal sensor.

FLIR E5 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR E5 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging CameraThe FLIR E5 Wi-Fi is an extremely useful thermal camera thanks to its straightforward operation and wireless communication capabilities. An integrated digital camera further enhances practicality.

FLIR Scout III 320
FLIR Scout III 320The FLIR Scout III 320 Wildlife Thermal Camera is a thermal imager designed for outdoor use with a visual range of 550m and a thermal sensitivity of 50mK. It has a 17˚ x 13˚ field of view and fixed focus.

FLIR E6 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR E6 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging CameraThe FLIR E6 Wi-Fi has wireless communication which allows instantaneous transfer of still and moving thermal images to the user's smartphone or tablet for subsequent analysis, editing and forwarding.

Testo 871
Testo 871A sophisticated thermal camera that provides the user with extremely detailed thermal imaging via its 240 x 180 pixel thermal sensor, the Testo 871 also has several useful smart functions including Bluetooth and WLAN wireless communication with other instruments and smart devices.

Testo 875-1i
Testo 875-1iThe Testo 875-1i has a range of features and benefits including an improved thermal sensitivity, an inbuilt digital camera with laser pointer and an extended temperature range. Complete with 160 x 120 resolution this is an ideal camera for heating and plumbing engineers.
Testo 872
Testo 872The Testo 872 has a 320 x 240 pixel thermal sensor which gives detailed thermal images over a range of -30˚C to 650˚C with accuracy of ±2%/±2˚C and thermal sensitivity of 60mK. Wireless communication, automatic emissivity adjustment and a rugged design make this an excellent professional camera.

FLIR Scout III 640
FLIR Scout III 640Sharp thermal imaging from the FLIR Scout III 640’s high resolution thermal sensor is ideal for several outdoor applications in hinting, camping and hiking. The extended range can detect heat patterns from over one kilometre away.

FLIR E8 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging Camera
FLIR E8 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging CameraThe FLIR E8 Wi-Fi Thermal Imaging Camera is a practical amalgamation of powerful thermal imaging and wireless connectivity that nevertheless retains the point-and-click simplicity of the basic model.