These state of the art Thermal Cameras are designed for expert users who rely on a Thermal Imaging Camera on a daily basis at work. We stock some of the most advanced Infrared Cameras available, offering the maximum possible resolution, thermal sensitivity and accuracy. These advanced IR imagers provide thermal images of the highest quality with detailed thermal data, supported with intuitive camera operation and extensive thermal analysis tools for professional inspection reports and documentation. An expert thermal camera is the perfect instrument for professional thermographers who know the benefits of infrared inspections and are able to utilise these in a diverse range of applications.


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FLIR T640A professional camera offering expert thermal inspection capabilites for the most demanding of predictive maintenance applications. Maximum 640 x 480 pixel resolution (307200 pixels), 0.035°C sensitivity & measurement range up to 2000°C provides a stae-of-the-art thermal camera.

FLIR T660FLIR's top of the range Thermal Camera, with 640x480 resolution, unique MSX® and UltraMAX™ technology and thermal accuracy of +/- 1% with radiometric video recording.

FLIR T540 (14˚, 24˚ & 42˚ Lenses)
FLIR T540 (14˚, 24˚ & 42˚ Lenses)A full set of three lenses allow the user to make the most of the sophisticated thermal imaging offered by the FLIR T540. They offer the option to observe large areas all at once (42˚), focus in tight on anything that needs closer inspection (14˚) and a compromise between the two.