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Testo Super Resolution option

Four times the measurement power of your Testo Thermal Camera

Testo Super Resolution is an optional extra available for all Testo thermal cameras and is designed to enhance the resolution and number of thermal measurements made by your camera.

A software upgrade available for all Testo thermal imagers, SuperResolution effectively doubles your current imager resolution for a fraction of the cost of a higher end thermal imager.

Testo's patent-pending SuperResolution technology represents a major advancement in image quality for the entire thermal imager product line. With a four-fold resolution improvement, each thermal image is incredibly detailed, providing the most precise thermographic measurements possible.

Super Resolution combines sequential imaging with an advanced algorithm for incredible detail and absolutely zero interpolation. Ultimately, this provides the truest calculations. This new technology also accounts for any minor hand-shake by the operator, ensuring the clearest of images for analysis.
Often, the small measuring object only makes up a fraction of the entire radiation measured, which means that it may disappear into the background and no longer be recognisable. Even if it is large enough to make up a significant portion of the radiation, the influence from the background can still cause the measurement value to be between the temperature of the measuring object and that of the background resulting in the recording of a distorted value.  
The SuperResolution technology uses the natural hand movement to take multiple slightly offset photos in rapid succession, which can be converted into high-resolution images using the algorithm.  
This problem is particularly common in microelectronics where thermographic images are taken of objects for which a particularly small and fine resolution is required. This challenge is also common in the field of building thermography where objects can be positioned many metres away.  
The Testo SuperResolution technology makes it possible to depict more real temperature measurements without using a large detector, helping to correctly measure smaller measuring objects. Unlike simple interpolation procedures, the SuperResolution technology increases the measurement resolution and level of detail.


160 x 120 Standard Resolution 320 x 240 with SuperResolution
160 x 120 Standard Resolution 320 x 240 with SuperResolution
160 x 120 Standard Resolution 320 x 240 with SuperResolution
320 x 240 Standard Resolution 640 x 480 with SuperResolution


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